Muskan Manzil, Patna

Muskan Manzil, Patna

The Hindi word Muskan Manzil means ‘Happy Home’, and it is a destination of joy for child domestic workers who have experienced trauma and abuse. Rescued children are brought here and cared for until they are ready to be reunited with their families and reintegrated into society. Inaugurated by Sr. Jeanne Devos, ICM on the 10th of February, 2010, this shelter home is an important point of contact to rescue and rehabilitate the child domestic workers and the children working in the Brick kiln sites on the banks of the Ganges.
Within the nurturing environment of the Muskan Manzil transit shelter home, the children receive medical care and trauma counselling and they are engaged in a range of activities:


  • Daily Literacy Tutoring
  • Computer Literacy Tutoring
  • Non-Formal classes

Skills Training

  • Tailoring and Embroidery
  • Cultural Folk Arts
  • Painting and arts
  • Yoga Classes

Self-defense Training

  • Karate and Thaikom

Child Rights Training

  • Child Rights, Participation and Child Parliament
  • Special day events on Children’s Day and World Day of Anti-child labour

Off-site Activities

  • Picnic at the nearby park/ Zoo and Museum

Children who require extended care are admitted into schools and extended stay hostels. Our staff also is engaged to find sponsors who are willing to help with the education of these children.

Number of Children Served:

Within this ten years period around 185 children have been rehabilitated and enrolled into formal education through the support of Jaan Foundation and around 45 of them have been treated for various illnesses. Local support is also received as some well-wishers support individual children for few years.
In Bihar, rescued children are encouraged to join formal schooling. Children who cannot afford, or who could again become child domestic workers are kept in the shelter home and sent to school. Constant contact is maintained with rescued children, who are repatriated. Mostly the rehabilitation is done through bridge schools where they get the taste of education and then attend formal schools. During 2020, 3 children were admitted in regular school from the shelter home, while 21 of them were registered to appear for Std 10th and 12th exams. The children who have crossed Muskan Manzil have continued their studies and have become nurses, teachers and have completed secretarial courses.


Muskan Manzil Transit Shelter Home,

Muskan Manzil, 104-105, Kulharia Palace,
Ashok Rajpath, Bankipur-PO, Patna – 4, Bihar

Contact: 9708809122, 8986422093

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