Child Rights Movement

Child Rights Movement

The Child Rights Movement (CRM) is a platform for children in domestic work, to come together in solidarity, learn about their rights, and actively engage in advocacy to improve their life situations. CRM empowers child domestic workers and vulnerable children to recognize and develop their own potential, do well in their studies, view the world more broadly and become change agents in society. CRM also persuades other stakeholders and society at large to respect the rights of children and to promote a child friendly environment towards dignified childhood.

At CRM meetings, the children learn about their rights, most importantly on their right to participation and their responsibilities towards the society they live in. They meet regularly in groups to discuss concerns, report on their school progress, attend training sessions and actively participate in campaigns and rallies to promote child rights. CRM also works to generate awareness about the child labour law through rallies, advertisement campaigns, and training workshops for domestic workers, civil society and police personnel. Children of domestic workers are also invited to join CRM so they can also learn about the importance of education and their rights as children, participate in social groups and welfare committees, and learn how to protect themselves from exploitation.

The leaders for Child Rights Movement are elected from among them with the guidance of the field staff. Once a month parents meet to discuss matters concerning their children.

In 2020, the Child Rights Movement engaged 8242 members who are child workers or children of domestic workers in 396 groups across 9 states.

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