Shelter Homes

Our continued efforts to end child domestic work have resulted in the rescue of hundreds of abused and tortured children. In most cases, these children were forced into domestic work either by their parents, guardians or trafficking agents. Child workers who are rescued are usually traumatized, malnourished, fearful, and sometimes have physically injuries. They are taken to one of our transit shelter homes in Ranchi, Patna, Shillong and Panvel, where they receive medical care, counselling, and a great deal of nurturing and care. During their stay our staff make every effort to ensure that the children feel safe and comfortable, and that they are given all the necessary developmental support that they’ve been denied. During this time, our staff also works with law enforcement to locate and connect with the child’s family members or guardians. Before a child is sent back from one of our homes, we ensure that it is safe for the child to be re-united with their relatives and that the child feels ready to be re-integrated into society.

Our staff also counsel parents and guardians to ensure that the children are not forced into domestic work again. Various programmes like formal education, bridge schooling, trauma counselling, medical care, legal assistance, recreational activities, life skills training etc. are conducted with the children in the transit shelter homes to ensure all round development of the child. Since its inception Jaan Foundation has rescued and rehabilitated 961 girls through the transit shelter homes.

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