Education & Coaching Centers

Education & Coaching Centers

With a 74.04 literacy rate (census 2011), India currently has the largest illiterate population. Despite the government’s programs like the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), and the land mark legislation, Right to Education (RTE 2009) to ensure compulsory and free elementary education to all, India’s literacy rate increased only slightly.

Jaan Foundation promotes quality education for all, especially child domestic workers, girls, and children of domestic workers. Students and members of the CRM, who excel in their studies, are given financial support to pursue their education. Many children are able to attend well-known schools in the cities with the support of Jaan Foundation.

Though primary education has been brought to every village, the quality of education lacks consistency. Attending tuition classes is an effective extra coaching for the students who are unable to catch up in the school. It seen that those who attend the tuition their academic performance is better that other. Since the parents of these children cannot afford to spare money for tuition, Jaan Foundation has set up tuition centres to supplement their educational needs. In Uttar Pradesh, four tuition centres have been set up at different villages. Almost 20 children attend classes daily for tuition at each centre and are coached by four tuition teachers appointed for each centre.

In Bihar, 12 Non-formal cum tuition centres have been established in 3 prepare girls for transiting to formal education and supplementing their school studies. Thus, Jaan Foundation has succeeded in lighting up the lives and the future of these girls who now carry notebooks and pens and not utensils and brooms.

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