Rights Advocacy

Rights Advocacy

Jaan Foundation works towards rights advocacy for the children through campaigns and lobbying. The members of Child Right Movement actively participate in this activity through signature campaigns, Postcard campaigns, Human Chains, Press conferences and rallies. They meet with different stakeholders like the Members of the Parliament and Legislative Assembly, Labour minister, Mayor etc. to advocate for their rights.

In recent years there has been a decline in the number of child labourers, in part because of the efforts of child rights activists and other organizations like NDWM. However, a 2015 amendment to the child labor law threatens to dilute the law and creates a loophole that could promote trafficking of children into forced domestic labour. Jaan Foundation voiced strong objections to the amendment through signature campaigns, lobbying and advocacy efforts, organizing of press conferences, rallies and a public meeting on the occasion of Anti-child Labour Day. We will continue our efforts to protect vulnerable children and stop the Government’s attempt to amend the Child Labour Act.

Online Campaign

Press Conference

Human Chain and Street Play by CRM Children

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